Dispute and Refund Policy

  1. What Is Hayatmart Dispute Policy?

Products sold at Hayatmart are subject for dispute and money refund in the applicable refund period starting after 15 days from shipping the order and confirmation that no receive for the order. 

The dispute policy shall apply as long as the products confirmed as not received by the buyer.

Unless Hayatmart and the buyer agree on another period to deliver the product, the buyer has the right to cancel the shipment if Hayatmart delayed delivery after 15 days from the date of order shipped, and the buyer has the right to get the price of the product and shipping cost

  1. For quality improvement, buyer will have to provide the reason of cancelation as clarified in the cancelation table below
  1. Dispute  terms

Buyer will have the right to raise dispute after 15 days from the date of order shipped but NOT received 

The Buyer has 7 days to make a money refund request after the dispute option open. 

If it is confirmed that Buyer has not receive the order buyer will receive a full refund along with any shipping fees applied.

Refund Procedure. We will issue a refund to you depending on the method you used for payment while checkout, as follows:

  1.  if you paid by credit/debit card, Mada or Apple pay you will receive your refund in the same way of payment  processed.
  2. If payment was made by multiple method of payments, for example, by credit card / Mada or Apple Pay with the use of the Wallet balance or the Gift card, then the amounts will be refund to the payment method according to the purchase value of each payment method.
  1. Refund Timescale. Your refund will be initiated once your product is received back in our customer fulfilment center and inspected by our team, and the final refund will be received by you as follows:
  • if the refund is to your credit card, within (5) working days from cancellation confirmation date;
  • if the refund is to your MADA card, within (3) working days from cancellation confirmation date;

if your refund is to your wallet, where payment done via”(Wallet balance or Gift card) you will receive the refund immediately in your wallet balance, 

  1. General terms:
  1. Governing Law. These Terms of Sale and any non-contractual rights or obligations arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of KSA.
  2. Dispute Resolution: If you are not satisfied with any products that you have purchased using our Site, you should contact us through email [email protected] , or live chat on the Site, or by calling our call center phone number appear in the section for customer care 

Dispute reasons:

Dispute Reason

Reasons Details 

Terms & Conditions

Dispute option appear after 15 Days from shipping date

Order not received  as planned time

Refund in total for product and shipping cost

Shipping company didn’t  reschedule other time

Refund in total for product and shipping cost